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​Dairy Discovery and Innovation


Dry-off Cow Health


Amelgo holds rights to two methods of accelerating the process of drying off in dairy cows and other dairy species. These methods are based on discoveries about the natural processes that control lactation. By creative interventions Amelgo's methods amplify normal processes that stop lactation. Accelerating the dry-off of dairy animals is expected to decrease the risk of mastitis, and reduce stress by providing improved comfort and welfare. These methods have been field-tested.



Transition Cow Health

Amelgo is developing a medicated feed to reduce the risk of hypocalcemia in transition cows. In severe cases this problem causes "milk fever", which can lead death. A large proportion of cows experience less severe hypocalcemia, which compromises health, welfare, and production. Amelgo's method uses a natural substance, Oxytriptan (5-hydroxytryptophan), which increases blood calcium through multiple physiological pathways.

Amelgo holds patent rights covering the major global dairy markets, and is conducting studies under an INAD (investigational new animal drug) issued by the FDA.



About Amelgo, LLC

Dairy Discovery and Innovation

Dairy cow health is central to both production and welfare in an industry that has grown ever more important for global nutritional needs.

​Health and welfare are profoundly affected by rapid and dramatic physiological changes during the "dry-off" and "transition" processes. Because of the exceptional production capabilities of modern dairy cows these processes are particularly fragile, causing major problems for producers and veterinarians. Dry-off takes place each year when the cow stops being milked in order to prepare for birth of her calf and initiation of a new high production period of lactation. Stress, discomfort and mastitis are major health and welfare problems during dry-off. Transition happens around the time of calving when the udder rapidly begins producing large quantities of milk. Low blood calcium causes numerous health and welfare problems during transition.

Amelgo, LLC has brought together unique expertise to develop technologies that address the major dry-off and transition cow problems..